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About us

For the past 25 years Musulin Law Office has been continuously providing legal advice and assistance to legal entities and private persons. Consistency in providing of high-quality legal services ensured a successful long-term relationship with many of our clients.

Many years of experience, numerous successfully resolved cases and legal advices given over the years to our clients are surely the key indicators that Musulin Law Office is the right choice for you, if you seek legal assistance in Croatia.

Musulin Law Office is primarily specialized in civil, commercial, corporate and employment law with substantial experience and deals in other fields of law, as described below.

Areas of expertise

• Foundation of companies and other legal entities
• Preparation and implementation of company status changes
• Legal representation in registry proceedings in front of responsible authorities
• Drafting articles of association, rules of procedure and other company documents and decisions
• Legal counsel regarding to realisation of management and property rights
• Examination of company’s financial, legal and other status
• Drafting commercial and other agreements

• Legal representation of employees and employers in labor disputes
• Drafting of employment contracts and Managerial Contracts
• Termination and layoffs of employment contracts
• Drafting of employer’s organizational documents (e.g. Staff regulations, collective agreements and etc.)

• Legal representation in judicial proceedings (e.g. proceedings related to unpaid severance pay, breach of contract and etc.)
• Legal representation in extrajudicial proceedings (e.g. enforcement of foreign court’s decisions and etc.)
• Legal representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings
• Filing lawsuits and legal representation in proceedings in front of the European court of human rights in Strasbourg and the European court of justice

• Legal representation in administrative proceedings in front of Public bodies (e.g. filing appeals on first instance decisions which denied disability rights)
• Filing administrative lawsuits and legal representation in administrative disputes (e.g. administrative lawsuit for recognition of work-related injury rights)
• Legal status law in regards to foreign citizens (e.g. citizenship, residence and work permit and etc.)

• Examination of ownership rights for real estate buyers
• Rectification of land registry data (e.g. removal of land burdens)
• Drafting contracts regarding to acquisition and encumbrance of real estate (e.g. real estate purchase agreements, contractual liens and etc.)
• Drafting construction agreement contracts
• Legal representation regarding to acquisition and encumbrance of real estate (e.g. deed of gift, usufruct) and providing necessary enrollment in land registry and other types of legal registries
• meticulous examination of legal status of real estates

• Collection of unpaid monetary claims and enforcement of unfulfilled claims
• Procedure of securing claims
• Legal representation in foreclosure proceedings

• Initiating liquidation proceedings
• Filing claims regarding bankruptcy estate and legal representation in liquidation proceedings (e.g. in case of unpaid claims)

• Drafting legal opinions and contracts regarding intellectual property and copyright law
• Search and registration of trademarks and industrial design rights
• Tracking validation of registered trademarks and industrial design and extending their validation
• Enforcement of intellectual property rights
• Legal counsel and service regarding to web domains

• Legal counsel regarding to personal data protection (collection, processing and transmission of personal data in Croatia and abroad)
• Harmonization with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

• Preparation and drafting of damage compensation claims regarding traffic collisions on land and sea
• Filing damage compensation claims (e.g. for fall related injuries, work related injuries, dog bites, non-fulfillment of contract obligations and etc.)
• Filing damage compensation claims to insurance companies and legal representation of clients in front of insurance companies
• Filing lawsuits and legal representation of clients in judicial proceedings regarding damage claims
• Filing lawsuits and legal representation of clients in judicial proceedings in cases against Banks regarding overpaid interest rates (e.g. commercial real estate loans in CHF)
• Legal representation in reimbursement proceedings

• Filing appeals and other legal remedies against misdemeanor warrants and mandatory misdemeanor warrants (e.g. in cases where driver’s license is suspended)
• Legal representation in misdemeanor proceedings

• Legal defense in judicial proceedings regarding to criminal moving violations (e.g. criminal offences regarding to traffic collisions)
• Legal representation of victims in judicial proceedings regarding criminal moving violations

• Drafting lifelong support agreements and contracts for support until death
• Drafting testaments
• Drafting documents regarding to inheritance law
• Legal representation in probate proceedings

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